September is child cancer awareness month.

Ka'iulani was diagnosed 10 months ago so she has endured 280 days of relentless treatments, she has spent many nights in hospital away from her family. We are still praying for a cure and raising crazy amounts of money to access cancer treatments not available here in NZ

Child cancer is dependent of pharmaceutical companies, research and like in our case very expensive treatments that are not always available in New Zealand.

If you were anything like me I was naive about child cancer until it invaded our lives.

Our kids are dying waiting for a cure, having late or misdiagnosis like our little girl, having no treatment options left or because of the harsh archaic treatments they have to go through.

No child should ever die because someone didn't take their symptoms or sickness seriously enough to warrant easy tests to rule out cancer!!!

Please show you support and raise awareness !!!!

I am going to run 200KM to raise money for Child Cancer Awareness and for Ka'iulani's treatment she needs overseas. Every dollar raised will be divided equally for Child Cancer and Ka'iulani.

You can show your support by either sponsoring my run, joining me in the challenge and you get your own sponsors or make a one off donation.

- Moana

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